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In the new issue on the Nomads channel, YouTube producer Kristina Spirina enthusiastically talks about her profession and its features. And about the potential and prospects of promoting a business, personal brand, bloggers on Youtube..

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Category: Business

Change yourself or die

How to learn to control your mind, find your veritable goals, get rid of the fear of public speaking, learn to think outside the box, gain self-confidence, Alexander Oleshko, a guest of the new issue on the Nomads channel, knows..

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Category: Consciousness

Childbirth business abroad

A new fascinating interview on the Nomads channel with Alexander Lukyanov, who will talk about the peculiarities of obtaining a second citizenship in Chile, childbirth abroad. He will talk about his entrepreneurial activities related to the introduction of loyalty programs in business..

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Category: Business

It doesn't matter where you are, the matter who you have besides

The heroes of the new interview are married couple Nikita Kuimov and Anastasia Klimova-Kuimova. They are digital nomads with 10 years of experience. People who stood at the origins of digital nomadism, the creators of "Station Change" and enthusiastically talk about the peculiarities of residency, about their brainchild, travel, and freedom in all respects. Want to learn more about the exciting moments of digital nomads? Watch an interview with Nomad Family community residents Nikita Kuimov and Anastasia Klimova-Kuimova..

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Category: Business

500% profit by the gems

A resident of the Nomad Family community Dmitry Sharomov tells about passive income tools, investing, owning a business, and creating an investment portfolio in a new interview. You will also learn from what amount you can put up and how to get a good income from small investments..

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Category: Assets and Banking

HR / Cybersecurity

The multidirectional activity does not prevent you from being a pro in any business. Ensure Ksenia Rozhanskaya- a tough specialist in the HR-sphere and specialist of information security in the network. Cybersecurity is an important aspect not only for business but also for any Internet user. Want to get valuable advice from a professional? Watch the latest interview and absorb the information. .

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Category: Information Security

Nomad Family / Nomads

The Nomad Family community is a space for those who want to radically change their lives, build a business abroad, travel a lot, and gain personal and financial freedom. The creator and ideological inspirer of the community Dmitry Zhezherun enthusiastically talk about philosophy, goals, values, plans, and prospects..

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Category: Business

Investment from scratch. How to live on dividends?

Passive income, investing, financial independence is the words that are now on everyone's lips. And only the most daring do business on this successfully. Among such daredevils, Pavel Pokidko is a successful investor, businessman, rentier, founder, and president of the Pokidko Invest International Investment Club. It is impossible not to get infected with his inspiration - see for yourself..

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Category: Assets and Banking

The money button doesn't exist ...

The exciting life of a traveler, blogger, writer, real digital nomad, Orest Zub, strikes the imagination with an abundance of insights. How did he manage to visit 122 countries of the world while building a successful online business on his hobby? He will tell about this in a fresh interview..

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Category: Business

Who we are?

The Nomad Family is an alliance of digital nomads, people free from the shackles of the office. Members of the community receive information, knowledge, skills – are necessary to work or conduct business remotely. Experts and residents of the Nomad Family share their experience, give valuable advice to community members, teach the intricacies of obtaining citizenship in different countries. They can teach you how to make business abroad, help improve financial literacy, teach how to create new sources of passive income, recommend the best countries to live, and work in. And, of course, personality development and the transformation of thinking are valuable for us.

Nomad Family is a community of like-minded people, where you can get the opportunity to gain financial and personal freedom, do what you love, earn worthy and travel, broaden your horizons, and make new acquaintances.

Digital nomads

Digital nomads are a particular category of people, who are successful specialists in various fields of activity, businessmen, investors, working remotely from any corner of the planet where access to the Internet is. Among them, you can find programmers, marketers, SMM-specialists, content managers, designers, journalists, copywriters, translators, consultants, lawyers, and also creators of their own educational and other projects.

Digital nomads live in traveling; they are not tied to the locality, work and, build a business where it is comfortable and profitable.

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is a businessman. He holds two directions, one of them is the implementation of loyalty programs in business, and the other - the organization of childbirth abroad and assistance in obtaining Chilean citizenship.

is a business owner, traveler, Digital nomad with ten years of experience, one of the founders of the "Station Change" nomad community.

is an experienced trader who knows everything about crypt currency, a successful business coach, a traveler, a proponent of the healthy lifestyle, who lost 50 kg at one time and now he is actively involved in sports.

is a businessman, an experienced investor, and a financial adviser. He lectures on the intricacies of investing and the source of passive income.

is a businessman, a tireless traveler, an info-business guru, whose personality evokes conflicting emotions on the web - from customer gratitude to outright hate.

is an experienced HR specialist, a high-class professional in the field of cybersecurity.

is a digital nomad with 10 years of experience, one of the founders of the Station Smena community, traveler, and businessman.

is an entrepreneur, psychotherapist, public speaking coach, teacher of acting, author of the Open Your Mouth intensive and corporate training for leading companies in Ukraine.

is a digital nomad, an entrepreneur who built an online business on his hobby - traveling, the author of the book "Formula for Productivity" ("Formula for Productivity"), a traveler who has visited 122 countries.

is a businessman, investor, professional investment consultant, founder, and president of the Pokidko Invest International Investment Club. On the way to the current, success he created 25 startups in 8 years.

is the founder of an IT startup, an expert in venture investment, the owner of several Blockchain businesses.

is an online entrepreneur, producer, crypto enthusiast, in a word, the one-man-band. She is tirelessly engaged in self-improvement, who motivates and energizes everyone around her.

How to become a nomad?

Digital nomads are people who like to travel and at the same time make money working remotely. The goal of the Nomad Family to help people from different professions becomes digital nomads. Join the community, and you will achieve success faster than you will make your way by yourself “through the thorns to the stars.” The concept of “8 flags”, the support of like-minded people, residents, and community experts who have already gone this way, will help you get rid of the unnecessary things, decide to change your life, make you free from being tied to a place and time, develop and become successful!

Our projects

Project "Nomads"

Media project of the Nomad Family community introduces participants to successful Digital nomads. They have already gone through the path of formation and achieved high results in their field of activity. Besides, they have already become residents of the Nomad Family. They are ready to share their experience, best practices, advise those who are just starting to move towards their goal.

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Nomad Family

You can get to know the residents of the Nomad Family community better on the YouTube channel of the Nomads project, where they frankly talk about ups and downs in the interviews, reveal the secrets of their success, give advice and inspire.


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