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Digital nomads live where they like, regardless of which country of residence registered on the passport. However, for doing business abroad, you need to choose a low-tax jurisdiction. Tax residency is sufficient. It is not necessary to obtain citizenship in another country if the question of the tax is important.

Nomad Family experts recommend becoming a resident of a state with a loyal tax policy, where there is no income tax.

Benefits of residency in another country:

  • the opportunity to live with the whole family in a country with high social standards without the compulsory acquisition of citizenship;
  • opening and running a business;
  • minimum taxation;
  • the right to study and professional development in prestigious universities;
  • the ability to buy real estate with low taxes.

Nomad Family experts will help:

  • choose a country with the best taxation system for business;
  • familiarize with the conditions of residence in different countries;
  • provide legal advice on starting and running the business in the selected state;

Each member will receive the necessary information and support from the residents and experts of the community. Joined the Nomad Family - people who have practical experience in nomadism.

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is a business owner, traveler, Digital nomad with ten years of experience, one of the founders of the "Station Change" nomad community.

is a digital nomad with 10 years of experience, one of the founders of the Station Smena community, traveler, and businessman.

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