Assets and Banking

Lectures on assets and banking

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Financial literacy is the foundation of well-being. Good money management and sound financial decisions will lead you to grow in wealth and financial freedom.

You need to make sure that your bank accounts are insecure systems where you can freely dispose of personal and corporate funds.

Nomad Family experts will tell you:

  • on the rights to use banking programs;
  • where it is most profitable to open accounts;
  • about correct diversification;
  • how and where to get loans on favorable terms.

Join the ranks of the Nomad Family and learn to manage your finances with confidence! And let the international level not scare you, but inspire!

Residents of the flag

is a businessman, an experienced investor, and a financial adviser. He lectures on the intricacies of investing and the source of passive income.

is a businessman, investor, professional investment consultant, founder, and president of the Pokidko Invest International Investment Club. On the way to the current, success he created 25 startups in 8 years.

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