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Do you like to travel? Have you dreamed of visiting different parts of the Earth since childhood? By joining the Nomad Family community, you can make your dreams come true. And not just visit various cities and countries, but also live in them, get acquainted with the local flavor, and at the same time not break away from work or business management. Do you want to know about the best beaches, mountains, surfing, yachting? Or maybe you are interested in unknown corners of the planet? Live in a metropolis or a village - you choose.

Digital nomads from around the world, residents, and experts of the Nomad Family community share useful information about places where you can comfortably live and work, and also help:

  • select a country and city for residence and activities at your request;
  • arrange consultations with a lawyer and a tourism specialist;
  • prepare the necessary documents.

With Nomad Family, your dreams will come true!

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is a digital nomad, an entrepreneur who built an online business on his hobby - traveling, the author of the book "Formula for Productivity" ("Formula for Productivity"), a traveler who has visited 122 countries.

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