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The era of the rapid development of information technology requires a significant attitude to the security of your personal and commercial data. Leaks of credit card information, theft of intellectual property, ransomware, identity theft, privacy breaches - these information security incidents are becoming general news. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the protection of your data at the highest level. For servers, hosting, and domain names, you need to choose countries that protect users' digital resources at the legal level.

In the Nomad Family community you will learn:

  • how to maintain the confidentiality of your data and company data;
  • where is the safest place to store access to your capital;
  • how and where to keep access to your accounts;
  • what programs to use to protect data;
  • how to act in the event of an attack by virtual intruders.

We will arrange consultations with information security specialists so that your data is reliably protected.

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is an experienced HR specialist, a high-class professional in the field of cybersecurity.

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