Lectures on cryptocurrency

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Crypt currency is a tool that makes changes in the familiar financial world. Blockchain technology, smart contracts, a high degree of anonymity, instant transfers attract more and more users.

While you are traveling, your money is working effectively. It is possible with us! Passive income for members of the Nomad Family community using crypt currency, provided by the project partner - the investment company Ciclex. There are no boundaries here. You can choose a wallet from any jurisdiction: Malta, Japan, Singapore, Estonia, and others.

And our experts will tell you:

  • what is crypt currency;
  • how the Blockchain works;
  • about investments in cryptocurrency;
  • how to use this asset correctly;
  • about the types of active earnings on cryptocurrency, in particular, about trading.

With Ciclex, cryptocurrency will become your constant source of passive income.

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is an experienced trader who knows everything about crypt currency, a successful business coach, a traveler, a proponent of the healthy lifestyle, who lost 50 kg at one time and now he is actively involved in sports.

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