Lectures on Consciousness

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Consciousness is an entirely different level! It contains all the depth, Alpha, and Omega of your transformation! To change your life, you need to change your thinking. Strengthen your mental strength with practices to get ready for new impressions, challenges, situations that will change your views and perception of the world. Like-minded people will support you in your desire to plant a flag on top of your inner Everest. Because they have already done this complexity, but the most exciting path in their lives.

You have to go through a period of transformation, which includes:

  • Formation of a picture of the surrounding world through cognitive processes: thinking, memory, perception, sensations;
  • Self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-awareness, which will teach you to oppose yourself and the external environment, to distinguish between subject and object;
  • Feelings, emotions, experiences, revealing the attitude towards oneself and the world around them;
  • Development of creativity, the formation of almost new concepts and images by dint of imagination, intuition, renewed thinking, and attitude to what is happening;
  • Formation of the temporary picture of the world and imagination creates models of the future. Even though images of the past are stored in memory;
  • Generation of activity goals following human needs, the achievement of which is controlled by consciousness;

Consciousness is a great force that confidently leads along the chosen path. And the choice is yours!

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