“Nomads” is a media projection, which familiarizes you with the residents of the Nomad Family community. Experienced digital nomads enthusiastically talk about their path and formation, about ups and downs, about the opportunities and prospects that digital nomadism opens up. That is a chance to change your life, balance work, and leisure. That can be your ability to plan your worldwide moving and adjust the performance of certain functions as a freelancer or a businessman to this schedule. Many digital nomads begin from remote work. Then participated in the development of some projects. Sometime later subsequently open their own business, become successful businessmen and investors. Digital nomadism is evolving very quickly and is becoming a global phenomenon. More and more people strive for freedom – freedom of choice of place and time for work and life, freedom of movement in countries and cities, financial and personal freedom.

The idea of ​​the author and creator of the YouTube project “Nomads”- a new ambitious marketer Dmitry Zhezherun, is demonstrating how you can change your life overnight, using the examples of real Digital Nomads. How to forget about office work, travel, live, work, develop, lead the business in different countries.

Dmitry Zhezherun, as the ideological inspirer of the Nomads YouTube project, interviews genuine digital nomads – unique personalities, specialists in various fields of activity, entrepreneurs, investors, and passionate travelers. All of them managed to achieve success, although this path was by no means easy, but very interesting.

Among the first “swallows” of the project are the creator of plenty of startups, investor Pavel Volkov, businessman, coach, investor Igor Graf, producer, and online entrepreneur Svetlana Zharova, crypto-enthusiast and trader Gosha Bizneskoch. Orest Zub, an online entrepreneur and passionate traveler, Pavel Pokidko, a businessman and investor, Ksenia Rozhanskaya, a cybersecurity and HR specialist, Dmitry Sharomov, a businessman, financial investment consultant, and the creators of “Station Change”, also talk about their path to success. a married couple of digital nomads Nikita Kuimov and Anastasia Klimova-Kuimova. All these Digital Nomads are residents of the Nomad Family community and are happy to share their ideas and tips.

Soon are expecting many interesting acquaintances and fascinating True-stories on the Nomads channel. Interviews with experienced digital nomads are inspiring and illustrative of a free life without geographic boundaries. Subscribe to the Nomads project YouTube channel and meet our residents of the Nomad Family and their exciting stories.

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