Businesscoach Gosha

is an experienced trader who knows everything about crypt currency, a successful business coach, a traveler, a proponent of the healthy lifestyle, who lost 50 kg at one time and now he is actively involved in sports.


Business coach Gosha

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Business coach Gosha is a person who worked hard and purposefully walked towards success. There is no word “impossible” in his lexicon. Gosha is a trader with vast experience, who knows everything about cryptocurrency and mining, a successful business coach who, together with a team of professionals, teaches trading, a passionate traveler who has visited 38 countries, a proponent of a healthy lifestyle who managed to lose 50 kg and believes that “by training the body, you train the brain.” And this is not all of his regalia. The main ingredients for Gosha’s success are self-discipline, perseverance, and training. Such a powerful motivation will lead to the achievement of your goals. Business-coach Gosha is ready to share his invaluable experience with those who have decided to radically change their lives and become a digital nomad, who are looking for new opportunities for their new exciting life.

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