is a businessman, a tireless traveler, an info-business guru, whose personality evokes conflicting emotions on the web - from customer gratitude to outright hate.


Igor Graf

About yourself

Igor Graf is a stunning extraordinary personality, businessman, traveler who has visited many countries, conducts his business in Bali (Indonesia). An info-business guru, around whom there is a large amount of both – positive and negative emotions in the network. He knows how to sell to earn big money, to rise after bankruptcy. He knows how to become a millionaire, how to deal with negativity, hate, black PR, and how to make a million on any hobby. Igor is a person who started just as a simple courier. An interview with Igor Graf, a resident of the Nomad Family, is a mine of interesting and useful information for digital nomads of any level, from beginners to that one, already energetically moving towards their goal.

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