is an entrepreneur, psychotherapist, public speaking coach, teacher of acting, author of the Open Your Mouth intensive and corporate training for leading companies in Ukraine.


Oleksandr Oleshko

About yourself

Alexander Oleshko is an entrepreneur, gestalt therapist, public speaking coach, acting teacher, author of the Open Your Mouth course. He is a person who will help you find a source of internal energy and determine your veritable goals, pump self-confidence, teach you to think outside the box. He knows how to overcome burnout (at work, in the family, in society) and get energy back on track. Thanks to the “Open Your Mouth” intensive, thousands of Oleksandr Oleshko’s students learned to control their voice and got rid of the fear of the audience and cameras, as well as the fear of criticism and condemnation, found their way of speaking, discovered new opportunities and gained confidence, learned the methods of negotiating and the disposition of people to yourself. Members of the Nomad Family community have all the opportunities to learn from a professional like Alexander Oleshko and acquire all these skills.