is a businessman, investor, professional investment consultant, founder, and president of the Pokidko Invest International Investment Club. On the way to the current, success he created 25 startups in 8 years.


Pavel Pokidko

About yourself

Pavel Pokidko is a businessman, successful investor, rentier, president of the Pokidko Invest club. With great determination, a desire to change his life, he persistently walked to the top of success, overcoming difficulties, trying and making mistakes, falling, and rising. As a result, in 8 years Pavel created 25 startups, went from a wedding host to a professional investment consultant. Initially, Pavel convinced that investing is a business for the rich, that only large investments bring high returns. But as he delved deeper into this area, Pavel realized that investment is the path to financial independence. And there is no necessity to invest big amounts, but you can start small. Therefore, it was an investment that became the main direction of his activity. Pavel became a successful investment advisor and created the International Investment Club Pokidko Invest. He has more than 75 consultations. Pavel gives recommendations on creating investment portfolios, demonstrates ways to invest with high returns, helps his clients to reach massy monthly passive income there. Pavel Pokidko, as a resident of the Nomad Family community, is ready to help digital nomads study investing and earn decent passive income.

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