is an online entrepreneur, producer, crypto enthusiast, in a word, the one-man-band. She is tirelessly engaged in self-improvement, who motivates and energizes everyone around her.


Svetlana Zharova

About yourself

Svetlana Zharova is an online entrepreneur, producer, and crypt enthusiast. She energizes and motivates, loves to travel, and develops tirelessly. Svetlana’s lifestyle is about self-improvement, learning, and transforming. She began her journey as a digital nomad when she quit her job as a manager in a large company. Svetlana Zharova’s valuable experience in building a business from scratch without investment, rapid ups and downs, losses, and experience in a million insights give this businesswoman the right to become a resident of the Nomad Family community, share her knowledge, inspire, motivate and support newcomers.

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