Our residents

is a businessman. He holds two directions, one of them is the implementation of loyalty programs in business, and the other - the organization of childbirth abroad and assistance in obtaining Chilean citizenship.

is a business owner, traveler, Digital nomad with ten years of experience, one of the founders of the "Station Change" nomad community.

is an experienced trader who knows everything about crypt currency, a successful business coach, a traveler, a proponent of the healthy lifestyle, who lost 50 kg at one time and now he is actively involved in sports.

is a businessman, an experienced investor, and a financial adviser. He lectures on the intricacies of investing and the source of passive income.

is a businessman, a tireless traveler, an info-business guru, whose personality evokes conflicting emotions on the web - from customer gratitude to outright hate.

is an experienced HR specialist, a high-class professional in the field of cybersecurity.

is a digital nomad with 10 years of experience, one of the founders of the Station Smena community, traveler, and businessman.

is an entrepreneur, psychotherapist, public speaking coach, teacher of acting, author of the Open Your Mouth intensive and corporate training for leading companies in Ukraine.

is a digital nomad, an entrepreneur who built an online business on his hobby - traveling, the author of the book "Formula for Productivity" ("Formula for Productivity"), a traveler who has visited 122 countries.

is a businessman, investor, professional investment consultant, founder, and president of the Pokidko Invest International Investment Club. On the way to the current, success he created 25 startups in 8 years.

is the founder of an IT startup, an expert in venture investment, the owner of several Blockchain businesses.

is an online entrepreneur, producer, crypto enthusiast, in a word, the one-man-band. She is tirelessly engaged in self-improvement, who motivates and energizes everyone around her.